Services-Manufacturer of Control Panels and Electrical Equipment


Engineering of command and control systems
Electrical panels for industrial automation
Franzosi creates various types of low voltage electrical panel in accordance with each one’s global regulations. The company applies its skills to the work, from preliminary actions to product verification procedures. Control panels and their modifications always require adequate technical preparation and a serious professional commitment.
Even before starting a project, we can advise a customer seeking automation on the choice of systems that best meet certain needs. After having set the desired working cycle, we study the floorplan of the factory and create the automation project using the most modern software. For our company, the ability to choose the most appropriate type of automation is our design philosophy and the highlight of our engineering process. “New products are introduced in the industrial automation market every day and, today, in the era of the industry 4.0, it is necessary to always be at the forefront internally, in terms of the company’s organization. That's why we have never stopped investing in technology, machinery, and personnel. This year, for example, we have doubled our production area, and hired new design engineers and young technicians, to be ready to seize opportunities as soon as they appear. “Our commitment is to make our customers' daily work easier and more competitive. Our engineers are constantly in contact with customers, either on request or proactively, both on site and online. Our reasoning is that if we learn together, we grow together.”
Other services
Control panels using UL/CSA standards
The North American approach is completely different from the European one but Franzosi is an expert on the risks associated with exports to the United States and Canada. It designs and manufactures control panels complying with UL508A and CSA22.2 standards, in order to guarantee compliance and verification by appointed inspectors
Software for industrial automation, PLC and SCADA
The performance of an industrial machine is also dependent on the type of software engineering adopted. Franzosi develops custom PLC programs for the best-known brands in the automation world and creates software for operator panels and supervisory systems on different platforms. As an alternative to hardware security systems, the company has been using programmable security modules and CPUs for some time.